About us

AI Austria is an independent think-tank and sees itself as a platform for the exchange of ideas on Artificial Intelligence.

Through targeted networking, coordination and promotion of players from science, business, education and society, we want to contribute to the targeted and sustainable application of AI in Austria.

Who we are

Our association is composed of the board of directors, an expert advisory board and numerous volunteers throughout Austria, leading initiatives and working groups.

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How is AI Austria financed?

Since we rely on in-kind support from supporters all over Europe, our funding requirements are very small. To cover our expenditures selected members support us with an annual commitment, which does not entail any special rights (e.g. votes) nor is connected to any benefits.

What do you mean by ‚independent‘?

We are not affiliated with any political party, governmental or public institution. We neither accept donations from such entities, nor do we allow them to join as members.