AI Act - Joint-statement of the European AI Community

AI Act - Joint-statement of the European AI Community

šŸš€ Creating an innovative ecosystem of trustworthy AI in Europe!

Together with our colleagues from KI Bundesverband e.V., Hub France IA, AI Cluster Bulgaria, ai4si (AI for Slovenia), CroAI (Croatian AI Association) and Fundacja Digital Poland, we also prepared and submitted our consolidated feedback on the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA).


We appreciate the exchange and collaboration with our colleagues throughout Europe in the European AI Forum (EAIF) and are grateful for the extensive consultation process by the European Commission.

Our consolidated statement addresses šŸ’” creating impulses for #AI sandboxing and innovation. šŸ¤ creating an AI level playing field of trust in Europe. šŸ› ļø which tools and framework aspects need clarification. Ā  šŸ™ many thanks to Daniel Abbou and his team for taking the lead in our joint endeavour and Jeannette Gorzala, as legal committee lead on our side!