Our Feedback EU AI Act

Our Feedback EU AI Act

🇪🇺 We commend the European Commission for its draft of the global first legislative framework for AI and the extensive consultation process.

After consultation of stakeholders in the Austrian AI landscape, we have summarized five key observations to be addressed in the legislative proposal of the Artificial Intelligence Act.

We value the opportunity of exchange with our stakeholders and the European Commission and are of course available for further consultation on the topics addressed.

Here our main thoughts in a nut shell:

📌 AI regulation shall create a level playing field – same risk, same regulation.

📌 Firm prohibition of biometric mass surveillance is key to fundamental rights and freedoms.

📌 AI sandboxing shall (i) support in data sharing, (ii) heuristic knowledge and (iii) computing power to foster innovation and development of trustworthy European AI.

📌 The use of already available data sources shall be enabled subject to privacy safeguards.

📌 Providing more granular guidance for AI system providers and effective oversight is key to promote trust.

Later this week we will post another proposal, which we co-wrote with our partners from the European AI Forum.

🙏 many thanks to Jeannette Gorzala for taking the lead and Michael Kopp